A brief Introduction about
From The Roots Up Inc

From The Roots Up is a hard working, professional team aimed at our clients' satisfaction.  With experience in tree removal, stump grinding and fertilizing we work hand in hand with other certified arborists. From tree removal, tree pruning, tree shaping to hedge trimming, tree health assessment, land clearing and new tree planting. Our goal is to provide an end to end solution while providing good work ethic and excellent service for all of our clients.


From The Roots Up offers complete tree services from tree removal to tree shaping, hedge trimming, stump grinding to both organic and conventional fertilization services. Our goal is to provide a premium end to end solution that is cost effective for all our clients!

Why Us

From The Roots Ups' passion for the environment, combined with our committment to the customer satisfaction sets us apart from the rest. Our service is built on dependability, good work ethic and competitive prices. We offer stump grinding & fertilizer services, both Organic & Traditional


From The Roots Up offers conventional fertilizer as well as an environmentally friendly organic fertilizer in accordance with national standards. We will create you a customized tree and shrub Spa Treatment Plan that will result in a very happy, healthy and stronger plant. Call us today!